Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ginger went to the Vet this morning

This morning I took Ginger to our vet for the first time and she did just great. She weighs 4lbs. After coming home and playing in the backyard with Oscar she came inside and passed out on the doggie sofa.
Had to get a picture of her to share!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This morning the Yellow Bells blooms were so pretty in the sunlight that I took a couple of pictures of them to post today.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yesterday we drove to Stockdale, Tx and brought home our little new little dachshund, Ginger! She is 10 weeks old today. Oscar only took a few minutes to accept her into our family when she came home yesterday! I'm posting pictures that I took last night and this morning. Now I have two following me at my heels! Its wonderful!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

2008 Crazy Quilt Blocks Project

I've decided to use up all my existing fancy fabric stash making new crazy quilt blocks. So far I've finished piecing about 27 or them. I'm using all fancy fabrics. When I get in the mood to sew on my sewing machine, I make some more cq blocks.
I'm embellishing the seams so far only with embroidery stitches.
I have alot of vintage waxed silk button hole twist thread that I am using do do all the stitching with. I have a huge amount of it in black and then some in red, gold and burgandy. The thread was sold on the internet by the lot and no choice of colors. I took a chance and got it. Since the thread is vintage and so nice I decided it had to be put to good use in this crazy quilt project.
This thread has always been my favorite thread to stitch with. The blocks are 10 x 10 and hopefully I will have enough for a copule quilt large tops. I've decided to try to piece some of the blocks in just light fabrics so as to make one quilt top in just the light blocks. When using the darker fabrics I'm not being particular about what fabrics I'm using on them. Some have some lights pieces in them. I've take a pictures to show the darker blocks, the light blocks and close-ups of the some of the stitching.

Blooming Flowers

This morning I'm posting pictures I've taken of flowers in some of my gardens.