Sunday, September 7, 2008

CQ Projects

A couple of months ago I ordered a portable design wall from
I took pictues of two of my quilting projects while I had it up. I had been wanting a design wall for working on my quilting projects but didn't have the wall space. I found an ad for this one in one of my quilting magazines and ordered it from the web site. It is so easy to assemble and also take back apart to keep stored in its own special bag bag that comes with it.
One of pictures here is my cq quilt project I started earlier this year. In the picturs I had 18 blocks made so far and decided I needed at least 56 total. Last week I got in a sewing mood and pieced together 38 more. So now I have lots of hand stitching to do on all those seams! I'm keeping all the blocks for this quilt in medium to dark color fabrics. Decided I will do another in all light to medium color fabrics.
The other two pictures are of the cq baby quilt I finished a couple of weeks ago. I made it for an office co-worker and friend to give as a gift to her neice who just had a baby. I'm currently working on another baby quilt (not a cq) for an upcoming baby shower. When I have finished this quilt I will post a picture of it.

2005 Art Bra

In 2004 was asked by my good friend Vickie
to create an Art Bra to be donated and photographed to be published in the 2005 Way to Women's Wellness Art Bra Calendar .
Vickie furnished real bra's for the project and I was to come up with an idea for my bra creation using fibers. I had no idea what I was going to do! After a few weeks of thought I decided to pursue this challenge with my love of crazy quilting. I crazy patched various colors of vintage velvet fabric right over the front of the bra cups after taking the bra apart for easier sewing which was all done by hand.
I embellished all the pieced seams with my favorite feather stitch using embroidery thread and then added stitched beads over the seams. I added silk ribbon embroidery, crochet, tatting and charms as additional embellishings.
I was lucky to find gold buckles at my local fabric store to replace to original bra strap hardware with. My final touch to my bra was a silk wire ribbon brooch I had made several years earlier.
My finished Art Bra was actually a wearable bra and I was very satisfied with it. I crazyquilted the bra cups and then lined the bra with satin fabric. I named my bra "My Crazy Blooming Bosom". I was thrilled when I found out that my bra was chosen for the calendar and my bra was the picture featured for December. We also were asked to make up a short story to go with our bra. All the bras along with their stories can be seen on the website